Today’s math problems

I decided to do my problem and Max’s problem.

With my problem I had to divide 8 brownies with me and 5 of my friends. First, we each get 1 brownie which leaves 2 brownies. Then I have to divide 2 brownies by 6, so 2 divided by 6 equals 1/3. When I give 1/3 of a brownie to everyone then we each have 1 1/3 brownies!

Max now has 360 shells after he got 174 new shells so


Max started with 186 shells!


  1. Yesterday my mom bought me a beta fish. It was a twin tail half moon Fish . It makes me smile and calm

  2. The sun makes me smile
  3. Ive been playing basketball šŸ€
  4. I have been jumping on the trampoline it makes my brother laugh. I also read him my old blogs he liked them


There is butter slime, glow in the dark slime, clear slime, putty slime, sparkly slime, scented slime, edible slime, fluffy slime, play-doh cloud slime, butterĀ  Floam slime, goozooka slime, dragon scale slime, and make your own.