I chose a dragon because Id rather a pet that can fly and I connect with dragons.

They are very mystical  and misunderstood.

In story books they come to life in a scary way

in my life time with it as a pet

id show the fairy tale worlds

they have much love and magic to spread



my fav animal.

a horse they’ve always been mine and they always will be

and i love to ride them and

Ever time I see 1 I say HOOOOORSE

I think they’re majestic, beautiful, pretty, nice, fun, cute, silly, and funny.

I just love them

and i have always thought they were a part of me


I chose the north east. It was interesting because i knew a lot about the south and I have cousins That I visit down there, but the northeast is the best place to live if you are a kid like me. you can never get bored.  the changing seasons are the best.  I love Vermont the green state Quechee gorge is so incredible and of course NYC !!


I love sloths

because  they are  so so so soft

and so so so so nice

and so so SO slow

and amazing,

My brother could watch the scene from Zootopia when the sloth is speaking over and over . He leaves you on the edge of your chair waiting.