My brother’s birthday

My brother Oliver is going to be 5 years old tomorrow! I get to help plan the party with my cousin Skyler. I can’t believe Oli is already 5 years old. I hope his party is very special and everyone has a lot of fun!

3 thoughts on “My brother’s birthday”

  1. That sound like fun. I imagine that you and Skyler will plan a very fun party. Are you planning the food or the games or the decorations or something else?

    You know what is wild, tomorrow is also Holden’s birthday and Edward’s sister’s too.
    I hope it is grand celebration!
    🥳🎂🎉Mrs. Eaves

  2. Hello Landin,

    Hope you are doing well. How are things going for you? What did your family do for your brother’s birthday? I miss seeing you around school.
    Hope to hear back from you!!
    Ms.Vas 🙂

  3. Hi Landin,

    Happy birthday to your little brother! I miss seeing you in art. You are super creative. I bet you made your brother a really cool card!

    🙂 Mrs. Nardone

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